About Writing to YourSelf

Writing to YourSelf is a tool for helping you launch and maintain a journal habit that will provide you with a place to record what matters to you, to observe patterns in your life, and to let your imagination soar.

Writing to YourSelf was developed by Jane Lump, an avid journal writer and life-long student of writing, learning, creativity and self-awareness.  The original Writing to YourSelf card pack includes an overview of the process, along with 46 different writing prompts to stimulate your thinking and help you stretch your journal writing muscles.  The prompts are printed on sturdy 4.5 x 6.5 cards and are packaged in an attractive fine paper box.

The Writing to YourSelf cards allow you to tailor your journal to your personal goals.  To get started, all you need to do is grab a card from the “deck” for inspiration and begin to write.  Each card has an inspirational quote, thought or concept and a specific idea or assignment.  But don’t worry, these are nothing like your homework assignments from English class.  These are really just invitations to play with words.  Some ask you to simply make lists, others encourage you to draw pictures—and all help you capture the wonderful ideas inside your head and your heart so you can get them down on paper.


What I have learned over time is that this type of writing almost always leads to feelings you have yet to examine, insights that are new to you, and recorded memories that you will cherish and may even want to share with others.
– Jane Lump